Sunday, August 23, 2015

Super moon in Pisces

Don't worry. It's just a temporary rebranding of an ordinary full moon in Pisces, where the sun will be illuminating all those parts of the soul concerning with all things oh, and drop into T2 – feelings, secrets, empathy and suffering – wearing thin the natural skein we like to put over things to obscure them or render them harder to see and easier to ignore.

Fasten your diaries tighter, or be nicer in the entries.
Disguise your true feelings better, or air them before hand.
Search for things thought lost.
Intensify feelings that are may have fallen weak.
Enter into dialogue with suffering and renegotiate the contracts you have with it.

And now is the perfect time to have tea. Buy a new teacup. Chrisitan Re is very good, for those who cannot afford the Limoges version of such pastel cups (Re is a bit heavier in look and more generous with the gilding and is an overall more exuberant style. Just a suggestion. Oh, and drop into T2 and shop for a mix that suits you. Piscean full moons are excellent for anything to do with perfumes, smells or things that are steeped, aged or diluted. Find your leaf.

The full moon is coming in September.

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