Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Octavia Hamilton again

Octavia Hamilton (Eliza Octavia Scrivenor) the singer. I am trying still to find a picture of her and so an throwing this letter in a bottle onto the vast internet sea.

She and Thomas Holme Davis had several children, one of whom was Beatrice Connaught Davis (Beatrice C. Davis) who married Walter James Slater and Henry J. Pinnock.

By Walter she had two sons, Walter Frank Holme Davis and Wilfred Arthur J. Slater.

Walter F. H. Slater married Doris V. Graves and had one son David Francis Holme Slater who settled eventually in New Zealand, Rangiora. He married three times! Once to Barbara Ann Fink, by whom there were two children, secondly to Pamela Cox, and finally to Valerie S. Dallard. From these unions the following children came into being: Andre paul Slater; Gina Marie Slater and Aaron Holme Slater.

Anyone of whom I would like to contact me for I am still searching for a photograph of "Octavia Hamilton"

Of course, the original Beatrice had siblings: Alice Dora Davis; Alice Mary; Mabel Francis and Ernest Edward Davis any of whom could have left branches down which the ephemera floated.

Please email if you can help.