Saturday, November 8, 2014

Sparrows, Bridges, Smith and Morrises.

This week has seen me try to put into some sane form, all the information of the Sparrow tea family, the Bridges of London (the family, not the architectural river spanning wonders), the ever puzzling Smiths and the family of Mrs. Frederick Sparrow, Ann, whose family were the Morrises, who were connected with Christopher Smith, Lord Mayor of London.

Its still a mess in my head but I am getting there.

Robert Sparrow looks as if he is the front runner in the R.S.Smythe paternity search.

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Doom, gloom, glamour and sleep

Of late, I have been extremely run-down to the point of immobility. The cause of this agonizing lassitude is over concentration upon one thing. This is never a good idea. So I have decided that I should take a long break, a kind of sabbatical, even though I am not sticking to the regimented seven years. I need a break. Smythes, Sparrows, solitude and the minor brands of despair have been a bit too much, for too long.

But I shall still check in and post material I already have compiled. I'm not jumping ship: just moving my bed out of the bridge.