Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hugo Fischer, again

Today I dug a little deeper into the Fischers. That's right, I went fisching. I knew there was something interesting further back in his past and there was. His sister Minna Pauline Fischer was a singer of some repute. The "Pauline" also happened to be the name of a boat that brought many Germans, especially Fishcer's to South Australia. I wonder if Georg Fischer named her after his teach Wilhelmina and the boat that brought them safely to a new life. It turns out that it is likely (more research needs to be done) that Georg, or George was the son of a Pfarrer, or Parson in Germany, himself the son of an even more famous Pastor going back into the 1700s.

George Fischer owned the Tanunda Hotel with Robert Weiner (whose son I think married Hugo's sister Johanna) and also a Cafe in Rundle Street were there was yet more musicking and general bemoustached singing. Otto Fischer-Sobell the famous singing teacher and brother of Hugo took the name Sobell from somewhere and guess what? One of George's kin was married to a man who employed one Friederich Julius Sobels, whom history never mentions but whom I will bet was either Otto's god-father (Sobels had been at the wharf to greet the "Pauline") or early singing influence. The Fischer's were everywhere, each armed with three middle names and going about Teuting their brass. I yet to verify this but I am on my way there and am constructing a family tree and connaissance map both of which are among my personal researching habits.

Having found out that the Rev. Hugh Reginald Haweis had a famous son whose ephemera is now in the University of British Columbia I have fired off an email in hope that among the many pictures there is an image of Mr. Hugo Fischer or Mr. Robert Smythe. My dearest wish is to have one of R.S.Smythe with Haweis and their families and although this maybe too much to hope for, I so hope.

We will see where this all goes. I hope it leads somewhere. There is a trail of dead ends behind me like those ones that you see when cartoon garbage trucks are driven by slapstick characters.

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