Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Tarnished Road to Samarkand

Yesterday, I archived all my tweets ever tweeted or twot on twitter and closed it.

Yesterday, I deleted every post and every picture on Facebook and after five years, I will deactivate that too.

I have deleted all other blogs but this this one which is research based and not defined as Social Media. My reason for this is the increased arrogance and reach of the surveillance state, the futility of social media to advance my habit of self cultivation but most of all by the debilitating stupidity that has peppered my interaction beyond the capacity of a generous intolerance.

People no longer reason, they react. They no longer think, they adopt other's opinions. I have no problem in abandoning such patchwork creatures to the dark misunderstandings that are coming. In the absence of a vibrant mental life culture collapses into myopic simplicity and sterile opinion. Barrenness. 

And, this morning it was revealed that our own tel-co, TELSTRA has been storing for future use on behalf of the United States spy agencies, our personal traffic and data. So, I am switching to writing good old fashioned letters.

I have the contact details of those nearest and dearest and of like mind and similar fire. The rest are about to find themselves in a place they will not like. God help them all.

But, this blog will remain open for my research on R.S.Smythe.

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