Thursday, September 17, 2009

Amelia Bailey - Portrait

A portrait of Amelia Bailey, assumptive, that is to say not-confirmed but I know it is so that is all that need be said. I found it where I knew it would be. The tinting is mine as the original was terribly faded and damaged. Although it can't be seen, she had a 45 degree stripe pattern on her dress. It is interesting to note that ladies until 1861 had always worn a top that matched the dress. A white shirt with a skirt was, when this was taken in 1866, only an innovation of 5 years standing, inspired by the Garibaldi Campaign of 1861. Women took to the white shirt like urchins after a lolly cart. The 'swiss belt' is pierced which is in itself a rarity.

I believe this was taken in India and found it's way to South Africa courtesy of little Miss Bowe who performed with her sisters, locally supporting Amelia in 1868 at a concert.

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