Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Emmeline Zavistowski

Emmeline Zavistowki's family, I learned today (husband J.C.Shailer and sons), ran the "Hotel La Tourette" in Bayonne, New Jersey with 300 guest capacity and the latest in Electric light and other fancy bits'n'bobs of the day. Very popular in the latter part of the 1800's it burned down in 1916.

So Emmeline Inez Shailer (nee Zavistowski) ended her days as a 'Family' Hotel Proprietress in Bayonne although she is not on the 1901 Census. She may have been looking after her mother her lived nearby but I could not find her anywhere. I suspect she and her sister did much travelling after Alice was widowed early and Emmeline's husband Julius C. Shailer turned out to be somewhat of a bully. I still have little idea of what became of Emmeline; how she died and where...

If anyone has ever seen the movie "Two Weeks with Love" you'll know what imagery this conjures up though it is entirely possible that a real life equivalent of the Oceana Roll was done there as the Hotel did boast a musical director. As for the Abba-dabba-dabba song, I cannot say.


  1. Emmeline died in 1907 - according to the probate index for Hudson County, letter of administration were granted to her husband Julius on April 6, 1907.

    1. Emmy's sister Alice didn't live that long after her. It was a sad business of marriage for the both of them, as neither's marriage was a success, but planned by mother Christine.