Monday, February 15, 2010

Creed Royal, Flauting Colonel

Colonel Creed Royal is a mystery but he at least left a trail of certificates upon which facts usually take rich residence. Thanks to the BDM on disc I know this: Creed Royal died in 1876 and his parents names were John and Sarah (assuming the informant was correct) and was onto his second verifiable wife by that time. This third relationship, a wife named Francis married him in 1860, was written in the Argus as destitute and needing funds to get home (to England) to her family. She was 52 years old. The Argus reported this in 176 and by 1877 she was on a shipping list out of London. The musical fraternity here must have come through. Yay, them.

Creed Royal's first wife Mary Sayer died in 1856 and it was she that was Mother to Kate (born in Manchester) and Eliza Royal. Another son Harry was born in Geelong in 1854 and I have no record of what became of him although another sister Ellen, died there. Creed Royal then is listed as father to both Raiburne Royal and Talma Royal, one born in Ballarat, the other in Collingwood where the mother is listed as Mary Raiburne. Clearly this was wife/de facto number two. Hard times.

So, at least on the marriage certificates it will give parental names and occupations and I wonder if Creed Royal did come from the Earls of Morton? Or maybe Mary Sayer had the connection. Who knows. I love these sorts of dangling carrots.

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