Sunday, October 16, 2011

George Levey

Whereas Charles Robson was the brains behind the literary component of Robson, Levey and Franklyn, Levey was the machine man; the muscle and cog man. But, George Levey was the business man, the money man, and the impetus to survival.

George Levey was born in Northam, Devonshire, married to Anne Richards, a London girl and they had a small library of children, some of whom succumbed to the usual infant mortality statistic trotted out to illustrate the shadow of the Victorians. As far as I know it seems to be that George lent Charles the money to purchase Charles' share in the business, which makes perfect business sense but seems odd to us today. Obviously Levey needed to secure some brains. The loan became one of the dancing ponies at the dissolution and bankruptcy case that rent Robson and Levey asunder. George was the son of a Navy man, William (1776-1867 also born in Northam). All I know of his siblings is knowledge of but one, a Mrs. Elizabeth C. Clark, bookbinder.

Of present interest is the fact that four of his sons emigrated to Australia: George Collins Levey who married twice to women with interesting names and places of birth; Oliver who did not quite succeed as a printer's broker; William who died young in 1876 but not before having started up 'Bell's Sporting Life in Victoria" which was a popular rag in its time, and finally, James Alfred Collins, who married Sarah Elizabeth Grice (of a monied family) and who - God bless him - nearly reached one hundred leaving an informative obituary, a solid career in state service, and two daughters: Mrs. Robert Renton (Jean Athol Levey) and her older sister Marjorie Rhoda Grice Levey. Marjorie married the unfortunate Dr. Guy Miller who died in 1915 during the war, before marrying again to a man whose name I have misplaced.

And now it is their trail that I am on, hoping that the Levey's have photo's and information about the original George. I wonder if they know about William Levey R.N. ship's purser on "La Concorde" amongst others? Levey descendants please contact me.

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