Monday, October 10, 2011

Smiths of Steele

Having had some success after using my message in a bottle technique on embloggations, I think I will give it another go.

Robert Sparrow Smythe (Robert Smith. Never 'Bob') had a sister whom I first found out about when Smythe remembered, in his will, of 1917, by bequest a handsome some to his nephew Arthur Frederic Steele of Elmbourne Rd. Tooting Common, for the care of said Alfred's mother, his sister Elizabeth who had died there in 1913.

Francis Edward Steele, whom Smythe does not mention in his will was the brother of Arthur and another nephew. Now, if I have my connections properly knotted, Francis (1863-1927), who died in Nice, where is buried also, his cousin Carlyle G. Smythe, was a banker and mentioned in the Times including an obit in 1927 (April 18) and who seems to have made quite a career in banking matters, both privately and in counsel. His ashes by the way were scattered. No mention is made of his wife Ella Harriet, née FELLA (I assume this was her name)

But, Francis's big contribution to my tracking down of this branch of the family was Arnold Francis Steele M.B.E., C.C. none the less (1896-1981) with a long line of credentials and accomplishments. And it continues. His son (Francis) Howard Steele, A.C.G.I., B.Sc., FIK.K was an early and vital cog in the world of television who died not long after his father at the young age of 55. I don't even know his widows name. He worked for Sony, the BBC, the IBC, the ITA and was a member of the European Electronics council.

Now, somebody has got to remember that! So if you do happen to google upon this page please email me and then I have but two branches left, Edward and George Smith (husband of Caroline Stroud)

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  1. If you are interested the grave of Edward, Eliza, Arthur Frederic and Francis Edward Steele 9also Elizabeth Smith)is in West Norwood Cemetery. The headstone is still legible. The grave number is 23668-027.