Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Steeles

Frederic and Robert had a sister, Eliza who married Edward Steele who was in the drapery business. They produced quite a line of notables beginning with Francis Edward Steele 1863-1927 a man in banking who died in Nice, France within 12 months of his cousin Carlyle Greenwood Smythe, who died there also. Francis had two children I believe, Muriel Steele, who married Dr. John Rankin of Oxford, and Arnold Francis Steele MBE, CC, 1896-1981 who in turn had a son Francis Howard Steele, who has an alphabet soup after his name, to whit: F.H.Steele, A.C.G.I, B. Sc, F.R.T.S, F.C.G.I, C. Eng, F.I.E.E and F.I.E.R.E a man well accomplished in television's early explosive and exciting days who I think left two sons; Michael Steele and David Steele who are still, I hope, alive.

Where are the Steeles? Please email if you have found this page.

As for Arthur Frederic Steele of 90 Elmbourne Rd, Tooting who looked after his aged mother until her death in 1913, I have no idea if he married or left a line. He took care of Frederic and Robert's sister (sister also to the tragic and long since passed Edward Smith and the lost George Smith) and for that, I am, as I am sure, Smythe was, grateful.

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