Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fishing for Steele

Paul Herbert Steele, son of Herbert George Steele, grandson of Elizabeth Steele, who of course was Robert Sparrow Smythe's sister, Eliza, has made his presence known on via the listing by one Margaret Parker. I have a picture of Eliza' Steele, so Mrs. Parker, if you see this post please contact me. He had a sister too, I think, one Hilda Mabel whom probably married and so disappears from my radar.

Then there are the cousins of Paul Herbert Steele, Arthur Edward Burrows, railway Porter (how VERY Ealing!) and Ella Bessie F. Steele, and the Bennett Cousins, Edith Bennett and Edward Bennett as well as the below mentioned Arnold Francis Steele M.B.E. none the less and sister Muriel Steele, wife of Dr. (Professor) John Rankin. (who I believe had a son, John F.A. Rankin and a daughter, Hazel)

I have got to find this branch of the Steeles!

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